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wow no his face in that last gif tho

in the second one he’s joking and teasing because jo is like his little sister

but then she smiles and blushes and he realises she actually did have this massive crush on him

and that was probably why she finally moved onto the path of hunting 

not just because of her dad, but because dean was this flirty and reckless adventurer and suddenly she wanted part of that fairytale

and dean knows it

the moment she tells him to shut up, the moment she admits to having that crush on him, however fleeting, dean knows her blood is on his hands more than he ever wanted to admit

and you can see it in his eyes

how much he wishes he’d taken her flirting more seriously, how much he wishes he’d known that part of her reasoning, so he could have put his foot down

how much he wishes she’d had better taste in men, so she could have stayed safe

i am going to tear open my ribcage

couldn’t finish reading the post because tears blurred my eyes

oh my god i couldn’t finish reading this

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